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Timothy Bowen
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Timothy Bowen Amazing trippy stuff with great vocal harmony. They put on a killer live show! Favorite track: Old Folks.
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released August 6, 2013



all rights reserved


Open Fields Little Rock, Arkansas

Open Fields are green spaces without fences,
the magnetic pull between opposite poles,
blank lines that invite us to tell what we know,
the energy around those with minds ready to grow.

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Track Name: Anything But Love
she will follow you around
she will lay her body down
defend you from the slightest sound
but she acts differently
hidden in my company
safe behind my bloodstained sharp teeth
you say to accumulate
all you can negotiate
like you're trying to compensate, but what for?
it will push and pull you out the door
i've seen it drag them across the floor
and i won't let it happen anymore

but i know what happens ain't just me
and you know i only want to see your face again
it's too much to take around all my friends
but if i should break i'm sure you wouldn't
even begin to lend me anything but love
Track Name: All For You
if you really want to be here
then oh my god, i am so glad you are
and if you want to disappear
then you would have to go so very far away
before i could forget your face
though i may not recall your name
your memory is fixed in place
that moment is always the same

and when you find the light is dead
then you can see the stars over your head
speaking when no words are said
sharing without breaking any bread
and it's all for you
from the nearness under your skin
to the farthest foreign continent's end
from the top of the peak at the summit of the
highest point up on the highest mountain
to the depths of the floor in the chasm at the
lowest point way down in the bottomless pit
it's all for you
Track Name: Old Folks
sometimes old folks
like to tell jokes
about the way it used to be
each one of a kind
i see in my mind
appears just the same to me
but if you sense any difference
the truth shakes you loose
your hope and your fear
a kiss and a tear
are compelled to be held near

you flew into view
like a bat out of hell
like a wish from a well, buying into something
with nothing to sell but the tune you were humming
it was easy to tell
you were fleeing as well
from under your shell

your hope and your fear
a kiss and a tear
both deserve to be heard clear
Track Name: Words
words sometimes make too hard to understand
things in times not going like we planned
fluid with the freedom to expand
is a mind that won't retain anything at all

if one eye was trying to shut you out
that same eye can't seem to figure out
what you were wanting to talk about
this is a situation that arises again and again

the shit on me don't matter
Track Name: Get Along
maybe you can get along
but i don't want to be so far gone
sunk into a singalong
when i could be writing another song
if it's true that nothing's wrong
then something yet unseen will turn us on
like push us through the early dawn
with the morning breaking
i was always raking through
the leaves changing their hue
the ground around the ruins
the excavated tombs
searching for the truth
maybe i was looking for you

long about the time that i had felt overdue
you were so kind, you know we go too soon
swimming in circles to find what i should do
round about the tide rising up with the moon
maybe i was looking for you
Track Name: Can't Remember
i can't remember
what i've been trying to forget
so this may not be the best day
but the best that i've seen yet
and i won't be surprised
if ever i hear a voice say
i think it's time to pack those things
and head on down the way
that you came to know
you should go

in my short sight
i'll be alright
and when i die
i'll see a light
Track Name: What I've Heard
Please take this the right way
Let what you hear and what I say
Always be the same thing
As what I mean to say

Because I am not the best with words
But you can't tell me that I never heard
What I'm sure that I've heard
And I am so certain everyone knows
That strange feeling when time slows
And we see each other with our eyes closed
I am another you.

When the change comes,
Let the change come.
Stand up when you need to see far
And try to remember who you are.
I know who I am.
You know who you are.
We know where this ends.
I know where to start.
We can see each other with our eyes closed.
I am another you.
Track Name: No Territories
something made it grow up from the ground
and now you say we've gotta keep it down
something we should all be enjoying
and overhead your clouds are circling
the drain it puts on me
is pain full of the things
i may have been meaning
to say, i will walk away
from this old debate
there is so much more to appreciate
we hate your hate
but we love when you love

hey man, your anger is danger
so wash it off your hands
won't you understand
we hate your hate
but that's not the right way to say
no territories.
we all walk free.
in the end there is only this, my friend
let it take you in, or grin in its face
i hope i see you again in the place
where all sin is erased and we are all okay
Track Name: Why So Serious?
why so serious?
when it's so clear to us
you're laughing on the inside
and with good reason
in what you feel you hold
chaos plants seeds.
believe you can be bold
you have no needs.
never do what you're told
knowledge is free.
so take your laughter and earn it
take your money and burn it
we only die alone
and until then we own nothing at all
and if that makes you feel small
you've just gotta grow.